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Here's a great liftoff shot of the new Pro54 K1440. The rocket is Pete Lilja's scratch built Little John, 5.5" x 79" and 17 pounds liftoff weight. Note the length of the motor plume compared to the rocket's length - here the motor is producing nearly 400lb thrust! Pete says it went 6200' "really fast".

Photo by Brent Hill.
Jim Wilkerson's Orange Crush lifting off on a Pro98 M795 moonburner to a new Tripoli M altitude record of 35,300 feet. The flight took place at BALLS in Black Rock, Nevada, on Sept. 17, 2005, and flight data was captured on a Loki/Ozark Aerospace ARTS recording altimeter. The rocket reached a peak velocity of mach 1.5. Jim plans another flight on the CTI N1100 moonburner later in 2006. We'll be watching for flight data on that shot - if all goes well he should exceed 40,000'!

Photo by Tsolo T. Tsolo / Rocketshots
Jim Wilkerson's Hell Bent For Leather III moves out under Pro98(tm) N2500 power. Check out the mach diamonds! 7.5" diameter, 10.5' tall, 55 lb - the flight reached 13,500' AGL and Mach 1. Photos by John and Marty Weiser.
Here's Dave Morey's rather coloful Colossal Crayon two stage rocket lifting off under the power of a Pro38 J330. Note the water bucket standing by and the dry grass - good thinking!
Drag race time - here's a photo by Joe Roberts that should settle the score as to who won! Josh Drummond and Alex Immerman fought it out here using Pro38 I motor power.
Heres a picture sent to us all the way from Oz by Dave Wilkins. Nice liftoff shot showing the distict shadow from the Smoky Sam Pro38's contrail.
Here's a great liftoff shot sent to us by Pete Davy of Pete's Rockets fame in the UK. This was one of two airshow demonstration launches of this half-scale Patriot using a cluster of three Pro38 J400 Smoky Sam motors. Love that smoke cloud.
Attached is a wonderful photo taken by Sean Haggerty of the first launch of the University School of Milwaukee NASA SLI Team, sponsored by CTI. The rocket is 12 1/2 feet long, 6 3/16 inches in diameter and weighs 41 lbs unloaded. It is flying on a 5 motor cluster of 1 central Pro54 K660 surrounded by 4 Pro38 J400SS's. The launch took place March 26, 2005 at Bong Recreational State Park in Wisconsin and the rocket hit 5229 feet, just 51 feet (less than 1%) shy of the goal of 5280 feet. SLI, or the Student Launch Initiative, is a program sponsored by NASA to encouraged youth to be involved in the aerospace industry. The goal of the project is to launch a scientific payload to exactly 5,280 feet AGL and recover it safely with an intact payload. Thank you for sponsoring the USM SLI team. Charles Marks Parent mentor
Jim Wilkerson graciously accepted the offer to demonstrate the new Pro98 M520 moonburner in this minimum diameter altitude shot at BALLS last fall. The 14 second burn mid-M class motor pushed the rocket just shy of 26,000 feet! C'mon Jim, I bet you can crack 30,000 with the M795...
Max Baines, our western Canada Pro-X dealer, also gets to fly rockets sometimes. Here's his upscaled Gemini-DC dodging the moon under Pro98 M2505 power at the ROC Lake Alberta launch site where LDRS24 will be held. The plan was to ignite two outboard J400 Smoky Sams. However, things did not go as planned with the avionics and this was to be the rocket's last mission. It now rests in pieces...
Here's David Roy's Skunkworks 5.5" Nike Smoke lifting off under Pro54 K660 power. We had to include this shot with all those cool mach diamonds.
Static test firing of the Pro150 O5100 White Thunder motor, at Cesaroni Technology Incorporated's facility in Gormley, Ontario, Canada. The O5100 is currently the largest industry-certified high power rocket motor available. No photographers were harmed taking this photograph.
Mike McBurnett's stretched PML Patriot heading for a beautiful blue sky under Pro38 J330 power.
While the rocket shot is a little grainy, that backdrop belongs on a postcard. These guys from British Columbia have some of the neatest background scenery! This is Brock Johnston's LOC IV under G69 power near Cranbrook, BC.
Scott West's IQSY Tomahawk heads for a clear blue sky at a CAR launch in ROC Lake Alberta, with a prototype Pro98 Smoky Sam M motor belching out enough black smoke to cause an eclipse. 98mm Smoky Sam motors are impractical for the US market because the extremely dense propellant results in individual propellant grains way over the DOT limit for 1.4C shipping. But up here in the Great White North we are not hampered by such restrictions...
Here's Vincent Chichak's boosted dart project, definitely getting a healthy boost from another prototype motor, a ~2000Ns Pro54 K1320 White Thunder. Another CAR launch in ROC Lake Alberta. The interstage coupler turned out to be the weak link and while the flight recovered safely, the dart only reached a little over 9000 feet. Later he flew the dart alone on a Pro38 I540 to a Canadian I altitude record. Keep trying Vince!
Jason Ware's 7.5X upscale Colonial Viper on its maiden flight, under Pro75 M1400 power. Check out the debris thrown up by the motor's exhaust.
Here's a great upscale project by Jason Ware (r) and Dave Schaefer (l), a 7.5X scale model of the Estes Colonial Viper. They used Pro75 M1400 power for the first flight. You can see details of this project and a launch video at
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